Hello Friend! I'm Emily.

Photo credit by Ling Ling Zheng Photography.

My first high school job was working at Hallmark, but I never once bought a card. The cards were too generic, and didn't represent me. So I made my own cards. 

Over 25+ years later, and I'm still making them. I love creating bright spots through my work--connecting people through a love of food and representing an Asian American voice not often heard, especially in the stationery world.

I love pairing Asian food with American vernacular (read: they're punny!) My ultimate goal is to create moments of connection: your friend laughing over a sushi pun birthday card, your kids proud to show off their backpack with a bubble tea pin--even your co-worker's curiosity over the sriracha sticker on your laptop. These are moments of priceless connection and bright spots, little and big. 

Below is a photo of me at age 10, selling handmade cards, signs, and pom pom animals in a 4th grade Marketplace!

Brightspot Design is proud to be an AAPI woman small business.