Hello Friend! My name is Emily. 

I worked at Hallmark in high school for 2 years, but I never once purchased a greeting card (although I do have to admit, I bought a lot of beanie babies)! Hallmark’s cards and illustrations felt too commercial and generic, and none of them represented my Asian-American voice. So I resorted to making my own cards for friends and family, cards with cute quirky illustrations, cards that were one-of-a-kind.

At Brightspot Design, my goal remains much the same: to design cards and prints that stand out, are hand crafted, and special—not something you could find just anywhere. Each colorful card has an expressive hand drawn quality and whimsy. A lot of the time they're straight up punny.

I also want to represent a minority voice not often heard, embracing Asian culture and the food that makes it unique. Dumplings, pho, sushi… is anyone else thinking about lunch right now? I hope to inspire heartfelt personal connections, like a shared love for bubble tea and stinky tofu. (Ok I don’t like stinky tofu, but I know people who do!)

The person you buy a card for should be tickled and delighted, because it's like it was made just for them.

This is me at age 10, selling handmade cards, signs, and pom pom animals in a 4th grade Marketplace. (Disclaimer on the super blurry photo: it's kodak film!)

Brightspot Design is proud to be an AAPI woman small business. All greeting cards are made in the USA.